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I have noticed that some visitors have tried to let the search engine services translate this page. It is a pretty complicated task and to the computer-based translation system actually impossible. So I did it myself.

In spite of knowing thoroughly these lines - or perhaps because of it - the translation proved to be quite a frustrating experience. Many of them are so deeply bound up with their original Finnish language and its ordinate and subordinate meanings, some of them sound like much ado about nothing in a foreign language and in some cases I had to change the words to keep the idea.

That's why I have added to some places also a few comments in the brackets. I may still later change something if I find more exact expressions. - UJ -

Objectivity is a subjective choice.

Be the pattern fact or fiction, it's still a pattern which borders the reality to its size.

picture 1, 1988

People are the only error of the evolution.

How do those people live, who live from memory but have a bad memory?

What a pity if people are taught such good manners and such strict models of the world that the mind of one's own becomes needless.

Don't try over where the fence is the shallowest. There is a crowd and you'll be trampled over.

Searching the 'truth'? Okay, those who have lost their marbles, have always had to keep searching them -

Don't tilt the glass of milk over for being noticed. That way only the glass of milk will be noticed.

Joys you always get over with on your own, but just those very moments are loaded with people!

Time is thin around the cause, they say. So that's why it now - being
thick - flows so stiffly?

Some people are so possessive that they are unable to let even their problems go.

Muddy water always spoils the clean water, however little, but clean water never cleans the muddy water, however much. That's how the physical law of connected containers works.

picture 2, 1992

Not even the bachelor made it. That's that about men.

[A so called 'bachelor' is a furry, ball-shaped, very hardy cactus, Echinopsis candicans, in English called the hedgehog or sea-urchin cactus. A human bachelor on the other hand is an unmarried old man. So I should find here a robust plant with a male name.]

The politicizers know. The knowers don't politicize.

One institutionalizes oneself in offices and office regulations. With a 3-column pre-paid in memoriam in reward.

All the decent bureaucrats have the joyous role-games, well-paid applauders, trained gang leaders of their own.

The expedient haven of taught traps. From memory like a well-discipled pupil.

Grinding axes of one's own is the most popular decision making method.

[In Finnish there is a cow of one's own in the ditch.]

Lack of financial resources causes need for patronage a bit the same way as drinking coffee in an aeroplane causes air pockets.

Are there support groups for the economics game addicted?

Molto grave avanti e indietro shilly-shallying in the rhythm of a meeting.
As a result one stunned fly by five blows and preferably a couple of new lively ones to replace it.

If you are only taught all the time there will be no time left for learning.

picture 3, 1992

The unemployees are activated when the employers are passive. Water is accused when the bucket leaks.

A penniless unemployee kept occupied under guidance and supervision is a harmless unemployee.

[In Finnish a play on words: varaton - vaaraton = penniless - harmless.]

The administration of unemployment and its gamelike outcome is not important. Important is not to get caught with it.

Sanctions secure only sanctions.

If a person doesn't have a will of his own, it may well be his will.

Greta Garbo died. There you see best that you're getting older when all your childhood's acquaintances die.

Interaction like trading. Subject to licence and need, in the worst case fixed by law.

Marriage is like a performance contract: it lasts as long as the program is running. Then you engage a guest performance.

The setting mostly reveals what it is meant to conceal.

Also the setting should be fixed sometimes - before the darkness of the stage dazzles the bright auditorium.

picture 4, 1998

It is no use to identify oneself with any incidents unless you recognize yourself in it.

It is better to have one's back to the wall than to bury one's head in the sand. No-one can attack from behind.

By fearing the feared most certainly happens.

How to wash one's hands of hand washing water?

Everybody is a genius in the world of one's own and an egg's world ends up with the shell, you know.

Don't go on the run or life gets ahead of you.

Also a full stop is a question mark.

Through the ages people have kept running down those who break paths and dare to step ahead of one's time. It is easy to shout in chorus given lines in the rhythm of given notes as one voice, heads low, indistinctively merging into the wall as a uniform front of a cloned dust mite population. What a feast of affinity and unchanging security of the uncritical predictability!

There are many who don't merge into the wall. They dash off straight at the target like a missile, when fearing to get spoiled by something supposedly done by others. And do it themselves.

Everybody can imagine only what one at the most can imagine.

picture 5, 1998

The tone of voice changes the contents - even when read.

Does the medical certificate of being sane mean only accepted insanity?

An academic village idiot is called an intellectual, but a non-academic intellectual a village idiot.

What do the others think? Probably what the others might think.

What if you lost your wallet and your title vanished? So many identities live on formalities.

What would a priest do with a cock? Sin?

Sometimes it feels like following the survey pause of the program transmission chain, but luckily the actual sendings move through other channels.

Word is free. The right word.

Before long also we and our deeds are only entangled research material, which no-one believes without checking a reference book first.

Who, when, where and on which page? Where deduction is banned there the given patterns rule.

picture 6, 1998

There is nothing done by someone else, which hasn't also been done by someone self.

If one doesn't reach between the ears, one stays grunting between the legs.

The rough surface of basic meanings stays. The contents aside like a crumbled wrapping paper.

Only an expert who has been declared an authority can afford cheating and get like a bat out of hell with it. No-one questions.

In the lines there is the wave length of visible words. Between the lines the darker matter.

Nothing is so hugged in stone that it didn't have any alternatives, not so good and right that it couldn't be done otherwise, not so sure and absolute that one couldn't be mistaken about it.

Don't believe in emotional presumptions and coincidental similarities and fill the gaps with suitable fancies or they freeze into truth and cheat you.

Defence mechanism lies. The feeling itself never.

You cannot choose a feeling like a tube of mustard in a store and it doesn't have a menu and an on / off -button.

Telepathy is the mirror and boomerang of the mind. Infiltrated by interpretation.

picture 7, 2004

Telepathy doesn't suit for means of a game. It always returns.

Life is full of passings and encounters. Gravitational fields. Like stars in the empty space.

The beginning becomes a conditioned stimulus.

I keep the dreams and the illusion. You keep the tinderbox and the emperor's new clothes.

Watertight performance. With no alternative. Unambiguous and whole like a dream of an analyst.

The other parts of an equation: indefinable terms with zeros as denominators. Resulting empty sets.

The immortal ideas born at night tend to be breathing their last when the morning comes.

What if I'm mistaken? What if not?

The dream changes direction when you turn over.

picture 8, 2004

To become aware of the most obvious takes generally the most time.

In the race only the timekeeper gets off without losing one's breath.

People already begin to be so individual that you cannot tell one from another.

Tomorrow's happiness like yesterday's last straw.

Many bridges end in the parapet.

Absence can be felt in the presence, presence only in the absence.

I've already become so entangled that I begin to lose my track.

In the frog time remember the gold coins.

[According to an old fairy-tale.]

When one is missing there is a crowd everywhere.

picture 9, 2004

It is easier to mean what you say than to say what you mean.

The reasons lined nicely up like a wood mouse's winter storage. In alphabetical order for alphabetical needs.

When groping for a word the pauses happen.

The words differentiate for their purposes, form molecules, divide and breed, grow metastases. Irrevocably.

Sometimes you need no words at all. Until you start using them. The wrong ones.

Do the effects disappear by emphasizing their causes? Does the broken heart syndrome go away by breaking it a little bit more?

If you fabricate a fantasy around an imaginary figure the curtain will go down already before reading rehearsals.

To form a reliable opinion of another person is safe and realistic not until it is unnecessary.

Everybody is the only expert of oneself. Everybody else lacks the understanding of the same experiences and history, way of seeing things and the course of thought.

Carefully. Glass. Through negation entrance forbidden.

picture 10, 2006

One day also this decade will have its pilgrims.

Between black and white there are 16 million shades. Sometimes and someone has none.

I am like a stamp. I gather myself. There are already many of me. Soon you might call me a collection specialized in printer's errors to become a rarity.

It is odd how long and tight people defend their negative interpretations casted with a dice, but without blinking an eye demolish the verifiable positive ones.

Time wears out. You cannot mend or restore it but it feels like a domestic trespasser if it starts seeming endless. A second at a time.

It has felt like purpose already for a long time.

If you cannot clear your traces you'd better stop leaving them, so that you wouldn't some day see yourself worming in your own hooks.

When safeguarding one's back one should also remember the front.

What a silence when the background noise is dying away.

picture 11, 2006

At which stage does the process stop being a spontaneous happening and change into a manuscripted ritual, which only happens to have means, motive and opportunity?

Can a process in general ever be spontaneous?

It is no use to aim in the sense of gambling at something you don't want. It might accidentally happen.

What has really been said or done and what seems to have formally said or done? This is how it is, but is it right? How do you feel and why?

You cannot edit the end but you can format the beginning.

Will anybody answer if you talk to an illusion?

A hundred acquaintances, a hundred roles. What about when dementia hits you?

If someone doesn't understand something it doesn't mean that there were automatically something wrong with it, but simply that someone doesn't understand.

Some say that it's no use to stuff the others with ideas of one's own, consider them mere personal problems and that a thought were a real thing. Which thought?

Some people remember their opinions, some reform them.

picture 12, 2006

Without emotional emphasis: how did the dental analgesia of your masticatory organ succeed?

Sometimes the sense of shades and the flight of logics are so dazzling that you'd need sunglasses even in sleep.

The world knocked over by someone will be considered a trivial little matter, whereas someone else's trivial little matter may knock the world over.

No decision, paper, record, law, act, subsection, memo, report, motion, instruction, bulletin, section, citation, footnote, method, rule, exception, dissertation, research, seminar, palaver, meeting, game, protocol, ritual, hierarchy, community, register, manuscript, but pure freedom of choices and alternatives. And flat on one's face right outside the front door?

The safest way to a blind alley goes right through the level of an earthworm.

The complaints about inconveniences caused by smoking have increased, they said in the news. That is the complainers?

Nobody wined about smoking until it was made legalized aggression.

The game's language is a language-game - the language moulds the atmosphere and the atmosphere moulds the language.

People have only one life. Some think there are many of them, of which one can be wasted as an exercise.

picture 13, 2006

Projecting for solidarity reasons? How considerate -

Thinking ends where certainty begins.

Even in diversity one sees mostly only similarities.

Diaries and aphorisms are literal folklore for the future. Then they will be taken into possession, gathered, measured, defined, separated, dated, analysed, archived, counted, classified and finally sold back to people as an academic cultural package disinfected with methodologies and discourse analyses.

If the object doesn't function according to a theory, the error is automatically seen in the object, though proven otherwise. Certainly the theory won't be given up.

If one recognizes a poem a poem not until someone first said so, it could have been treated for example as a shopping list: 1 medium-size continental shift, a family package of understandingly illogical conclusions, 3 pouches of missing sentences, 3 x 400 g well-rehearsed instinct of self-preservation, 1 wrong planet, 2 cartons of stagnant water and 1 bag of spontaneous joy.

Separation happens, mess arouses, accident meets, war flares up, world changes. Seemingly on it's own like an unexpected fit of sickness?

The requirement of verifiable facts will not necessarily be applied to one's own life. One possible world will be born also that way. The most impossible one of them.

Using one's own head is not forbidden. It apparently has been used -

picture 14, 2006

The extremes of competitiveness: will the employer pay for having the work done or the employee for doing it?

As a result of efficiency and acceleration everything will soon happen the day before yesterday and the next salary will be payed last year. It already has happened to many.

Where do we have such a hurry? From Big Bang to Big Crunch?

Someone complained in the newspaper that the climate politics endangers competitiveness. Only bacteria would be more competitive without climate politics -

Everybody in chorus. Now. Competitiveness, economic growth, market power, competitiveness, economic growth, market power, competitiveness, economic growth, market power, competitiveness ...

The economics coughs, drifts, weakens, slackens, declines, grows and heathens, it is unpredictable, nervous, open and boundless and is based on predictions, expectations, guessings, coincidences and hopes. Obvious patient material.

If the society forbids, orders, allows and disapproves, will it also have marital status, domicile and the social security number?

First we went to Europe, then we moved into the world village. Where were we before that?

If the creativity will be defined a look-alike of some work-group and limited to the size of a selected group of suitable people, we will end up with an instrumentalized market-value. That's how also it will be killed.

No life outside the given one.

picture 15, 2006

Bad critics is good critics. It is the most inspiring.

No-one gets spoiled by what someone else does. Only that someone else gets spoiled.

D'ya think that u? D'ya claim that me? R u kind of a teacher? Who said so? What d'ya mean by that? What d'ya think u r? So touchingly dependent.

One learns the ability of repeating the written language at the latest in the first grade, but acquiring the real reading ability takes the whole life.

Everybody nicely and without critics plugged into the mainframe like remote workstations. Some day it also will be automatized by nanotechnology.

Today also Helene Schjerfbeck would be characterized as excluded and be tried to prevent her from it.

The decision makers don't tend to think matters thoroughly. Thinking of many decisions that already have been made, hasn't even started yet.

Methane and carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere, the climate zones change, the glaziers and tundra melt, the sea level rises, storms, floods and aridity appear in unusual places at unusual times, the super bacteria immune to antibiotics get loose, refugeeism increases, food production suffers, the ozone hole grows. It is finished already.

Taking protective charge of children, violence and property crimes, violence and property crimes done by children, drug problems, learning difficulties, fatigue by work and burnouts, suicides, mental disorders and illfare, abandoning pets, bullying at school and work, violence at home and work, use of psychic medicines. That's that about the welfare state.

picture 16, 2006

A labour market citizen? A decent stakhanovian of the historical bolshevistic ideal, working heroe of the global market economy, a delta-minus-semi-moron of the brave new world? Q.e.d.

Ceaseless market whirl beyond eyeshot and the merry-go-round goes round and round and round ...

Reform, change, yield, adjust, merge, adapt, perform. Someone else's artificial life in someone else's spare part box. Oh, isn't that great!

The future house knows, microchip tells, Big Brother watches over.

iCard, iHouse, iClothes, iPhone. At least somewhere -

Foucault's panopticon is here today. Free entrance with no notice.

Reflection ... adage ... texture ... excitation. Approximation in fingertips.

[In Finnish a play on words: mietelmä ... ajatelma ... kudelma ... viritelmä. Impossible to translate.]

The meaning of the life of an aphorism is to provoke reaction.

A question or a claim, critics or an accusation, hypothesis or conclusion, analogy or identity, irony or malice? Well, there's a problem!

In the middle of all idleness even a tiny bit of motion looks like a huge achievement.

Sluggishness is probably full of action in the fields of it's own.

Among simplicity even mediocrity looks like a feast.

picture 17, 2007

In the 50th birthday there may well be a punctuation error.

Tail is a cat's thinking cap.

When clicking a link is talked about as going or popping into somewhere, it makes it sound like you should dress up properly, walk through the door and nod 500 km in the backbench of a bus in an uncomfortable position in order to finally get into some unpredictable science-fiction.

Now the darkness is the one that dazzles!

A group of unambiguous basic meanings, defaulting copies of each other. Then falling deep into presumptions sulking like a child who has lost a toy, when they don't jump the way the whistle goes.

Unnoticed merging into the patterns of the social games, into the voluntary prisons of the given values. Already so close that you cannot see clearly or still that far that you don't understand to beware?

Uncritical inalterability. Inalterable uncriticism. Both ways worse ways.

This grave nation identifying itself with words. Keeps proving that I'm right like having been told to do so.

Suspicious like being born yesterday. Ready to defend one's fears.

Waking up is a long journey. Before it even begins.

picture 18, 2007

Language is like a deluding labyrinth. Full of bypasses, frontier crossings, side-road junctions, alarm systems, security zones, unidentified fixations and interpretatious traps.

In the jungle of synapses, axons, dendrites, receptors, basal gangliae, microfilaments, ion pumps, biological memory marks and action potentials the thought cannot help getting lost and get to the destination in time.

The decisive turn and critical point. Like a pause between two breaths. Like a mark of the wing blow of a dragonfly on the asphalt.

Headless jumping or casting a dice at random? Or neutral distance, exact facts and logical deduction?

One can interpret anything also in two quite opposite ways. The result depends then on luck in lottery.

No causality and perseverance, no pondering and pausing, no history, no future, but aimless drifting on the shoreless sea of the markets.

Well fed dark and dreary days, tightly protected from external draught.

Well trained characters of the directed psychodramas are as colourful as a section mark.

A bureaucrat doesn't even budge until there is a section mark in front of the subject and an official record behind it.

A bureaucrat in the shape of a section mark. Company casts the mould.

picture 19, 2007

A tight line of silent jackdaws in the spruce. Silence is staring.

It is easier to play dumb if one originally is closer to it.

An individual is an individual only as a subset.

In the security net of delusions far away stays the treacherous world.

An accountant of one's own, a lawyer of one's own, an interior decorator of one's own, a personal trainer of one's own, an identity and imago builder of one's own, a therapist of one's own. A grave digger of one's own?

When the whole life has been delegated, all the energy can be concentrated in maintaining the vital functions.

All that is ritualized to a role game and analyzed to it's last bit stops happening.

Lounging is the precondition of creativity and a crisis is its engine.

One destroys nothing as unhesitatingly as things one doesn't understand and envy nothing as passionately as things one doesn't need.

The boundary against the different as bright and clear as the stroke of lightning.

From behind the wolf line you can see behind the wolf line.

picture 20, 2007

When everything has become regulated and instructed, forbidden and ordered since the moment of fertilization till the last breath we have got back to the level of a unicellular.

After the last day of the first part of one's life there is nothing but the rest of it.

No categories for guiding thoughts tightly. Everything is anyway connected to everything else, you know.

If the intuitively associated and consciously processed conclusions on any field of life were price tagged on the basis of time used in creating them, nobody could afford them.

Aphorisms on life? Are there others?

Maximizing economic efficiency will succeed only with playwork and playpay.

The jobs could be branded into trendily experiancy extreme-resorts, for which the filthy rich present day narcissists would be ready to pay thousands to get excitement into their lives. In the name of efficiency.

When all the property in the world has been transmitted into single hands, we'll again have only the swamp, the hoe and Jussi.

[The first sentence in a Finnish trilogy Under The North Star by Väinö Linna, first published between 1959-1962, is "In the beginning there were the swamp, the hoe and Jussi".]

Once upon a time there was an employment agency, then it changed into bureau of labour, bureau of labour changed into bureau of employment and economy, employee into production maker, wage earner into tax payer, sacks into adapting capacity, organized pottering into work, unpaid labour into rehabilitation, blackmail into encouragement, bribery into options, subsistence into purchasing power, extravagance into consumption, customer into consumer, family into consumption unit, pensions and social security into advantage, growing older into ageing, old people into senior citizens, small or non-existent into moderate, total upheaval into adjusting, deliberate sabotage into difficult solution, cuttings into savings, illfare into welfare deficit, mistake into deviation, depopulating, reducing and suppressing into developing, abandoning into gaining autonomy, occupying into freeing, warfare into peacekeeping, babbling into small talk, being together into quality time, intolerance into general benefit, deportation into assisted removal, black into white.

Impression sells. Nice to pull something out of nothing.

picture 21, 2007

Only a dead person can be so called aged. It is the past participle expressing a completed process, which has started in the very first cell division.

How far is it to the space? asked the key sentence. Planck's length 1,6 x 10-35 meters, the shortest measurable distance, a quantum of space less than the diameter of the nucleus of an atom. But where are we then now?

Full of oneself? Who else then? Somebody somewhere did imagine being full of Napoleon, but it was a diagnostic case.

Of all the people in the world everyone has to spend most time with oneself, in ups and downs.

A risk in an identity theft may be a very malignant stress injury.

Good result is considered bad result so that it would be easier to identify oneself with it.

Bad results are supposed to be presented, good ones to be hidden.

In a pluralistic society where individuality is highly emphasized there is a closely guarded, even homogeneity.

A word is a choice.

Stupidity is an eternally renewing natural resource and never-ending source of energy. What a pity it doesn't kindle.

All the people are homos. More or less sapiens.

picture 22, 2008

How on earth have we survived millions of years without health officials and development projects!

Take 15 words, mix them well and draw from a hat one by one: need for services, individual, economic, developing, plan, project, productivity, effectify, group of clients, delegation, promote, executive group, decide, in the legislation, operational idea. The result may well be for example The Effectified Productivity Project of the Delegation's Development Plan in the Legislation.

Innovation comes from the Latin words in and novus. So, what does novus mean? It is new, young, fresh, but also weird, unexpected, strange, unaccustomed, inexperienced, ignorant, novice, parvenu, upheaval and revolution. Now which one of them is that innovation university?

How could anyone decide what someone else supposes if one doesn't even begin to understand what the other one knows?

In debt to the past, responsible to the future.

Today's economists tomorrow's secrecy.

Searching for information on the web sites through any random link which just happens to be there and being hit by a stunning revelation nothere, is as ingenious as searching from a book without checking the contents or the directory first.

It is beyond comprehension how so many people do succeed in living all their lives deaf and blind to their surroundings.

Time slows down when the scale enlarges. Hurry lurks in small things.

A word is more than a formal sequence of signs.

picture 23, 2008

Within interactions moulded by memorized defaults most time takes defending one's territory.

An externally directed programmatic competition leaves only extreme opposites in sight: money or life, take it or leave it, all or nothing, now or never.

If competition is the only principle and winning the only goal, you'll be extremely dependent on anything outside you. Just like children.

Behind all religions there has been a need to explain the unexplainable and behind their permanence explaining the explained as justification of the ruling power.

Work has resumed a worshiping ceremony of ancient cultures and people a sacrificial animal of the fertility rites, so that the gods would have their everyday meal: stock exchange indexes, profit warnings, quarterly reports, increasing efficiency and organizational changes.

In the future universities they teach only technical and economic sciences and social and medical sciences. The former ones cause damages, the latter ones repair them.

If the relations between even the ruling powers are based on mere lust for power and thirst for revenge, have we then since the sandbox phase grown anything but thicker and taller?

The sources of a catastrophe are always planned to be rescued first. Ready to start another catastrophe?

Every new law produces a number of new potential lawbreakers.

picture 24, 2008

If only formal qualifications would entitle you to present information, then even the weather could be discussed by no-one else but a meteorologist.

How is justified the 'logic' of the forced municipal mergers on the basis of alleged economy and efficiency of bigger units, when the state itself transfers all the responsibilities to these units smaller than itself with the same excuse?

The best artists and writers of all times have never done anything but
Me Self -art.

The universal suffrage can materialize only where silence is required.

Skull and shinbones. A statutory sign of danger on a poison bottle. In the name of ideology.

[A hoe and a paint brush set up like shinbones in an election campaign poster of a Finnish right wing party.]

What does the surrounding society surround? Border, sign, define, isolate? Something that isn't considered belonging to it?

... and life into weekdays, ruining public administration into productivity program and growth milieu into clinging surface. There you are then tightly pasted up in a mess.

It was told on a paper that without a high level international seminar on using factual information in decision making the political decision makers are not capable to process research results to use them as an instrument in decision making. That is they cannot read?

Even bacteria create culture. In those tiny cosy petri dishes.

Bureaucracy kills.

picture 25, 2008

The only e-mail you don't get is the one that hasn't been sent.

Position and relations of the details in a certain whole are a question of a fracture of the unit of measurement. Otherwise it is another certain whole.

The invasion of the Orwellian neo-lingo started already in the late 1970's when closing down a bank's office was called improving services.

When peeling potatoes the whole observable world might fit into peeling potatoes.

For a fruit fly we are not enough as a universe, for the universe we are not even worth a fruit fly.

Smoking shortens life. Sibelius lived only 92 years, but Churchill died already a year younger.

According to the proposal for a new tobacco law those under 18 years wouldn't be allowed to buy tobacco or even hold it in their possession. The lives of those under 18 years would become a little more exciting.

What is the 'health impact' of a liquorice pipe? Gas problems?

These days the non-smokers think about tobacco way more than smokers. Missing matters.

Utmost healthiness is unhealthy to health.

picture 26, 2008

There are no taxes at all in North Korea. Now there we have a welfare state!

Many push the most important task of their lives into the most insignificant spot where they can't figure out what else to do: stopping to meditate upon the way of the world, to detect emperor's new clothes and asslike market trips, to reveal manipulations and conjuring tricks, sense, signs and meanings.

Swaying along with the given stepmarks of the dictated rules of the game happily ever after till life us do part.

Life squeezed into spare time.

A bureaucrat in the shape of a section mark determines that "since they anyway and if only no-one" and that way guarantees also that "most certainly no-one most certainly nothing".

Even in the state of total homogeneity the statistic probability sticks and stays like the Pond's lipstick of the 1950's.

Uniform equality is justifiably possible only among identical duplicates.

If you look at a sentence from far enough there will finally remain only an obscure outline, and the questions turn into statements, the statements turn into questions, hypotheses and metaphors into claims, white into black.

Stopping at nothing, regardless of the subject, like at a push of a button the same memorized liturgy keeps running over and over and over again smoothly like a well oiled prayer mill, when a bureaucrat paints black into white.

Transparency shows through. Like no nothing at all.

picture 27, 2008

The popularity of new beliefs has never been based on their more convincing premises but bigger promises.

I believe in global market economy, the creator of destruction, and the holy trinity of competitiveness, economic growth and market power, which were born in the early 1800's in England, died and were buried, resurrected in the 1980's, and sit now on the right side of the ruling powers from where they will keep watching over both the uncontrolled and the controlled ones, and the innovation politics, the division of nations in half, the instrumental value of people, official information and the eternity of matter.

If only the danger of knowing wouldn't threaten -

What a pleasure to share the remainders with those of the same kind after having broken to pieces what didn't fit into the limits of comprehension!

Most cell phone calls are telephoned a person called "What".

Fanatic cultivation only supports things without it simply by cultivatedly letting them go on.

Since when have indifference, lying and avoiding responsibility been started regarding as good manners?

... and a foreigner into one with a foreign background, a Finn into one with the Finnish background. Like talking about a latent clinical picture. Or about a criminal record.

The delirious obsession with innovating is like a new toy to play with for a while, such as closing down a few well functioning public services to see what happens. Like a little devil tearing off the wings of the flies.

Everything is so strictly choreographized and formatted that we don't seem to have got very far from the tree.

picture 28, 2009

Self-censorship and group thinking uniform the tools of the game when power struggle silences the dissidents.

Find your inner Stasi! Anything pro officium.

To a bureaucrat ears are an endangered natural resource.

How do the climate politics and consumption hysteria fit into the same picture?

What's the difference between the sand box plays and the international conflicts? The scale.

Swifter, higher, stronger, with fewer participants and bigger profits. There is touch of a great sports festival in the air.

Now that we too have that 'innovation university' the Finnish scientific research has taken a steep fall downhill.

The regional administration reform is focused on the provincial offices, after which the regions will be defined and renamed. So, people have already been succesfully eliminated.

Welcome Fahrenheit! The Helsinki city libraries are on fire. In the name of the revival of the information society and the profitable efficiency the customers could well write their books on their own -

Looking in the mirror only shows the mirror image. Reverse and unreal like Alice Through the Looking Glass.

"Try to get rid of that attitude", said a well taught pick of the Kingdom and concentrated on cherishing one's own.

Confidence either is there or goes away. It never comes.

picture 29, 2009

Life empty and sterile like a newly disinfected operating theatre, dedicated to shattered trivialities, urban legends and clinging to the handle of a mop.

Pathological sanitation syndrome. Perhaps those nuts about cleaning somehow only get dirty easier -

Dust on the desk rather than in the head.

If the first and only means of solving problems is mere revenge it solves nothing, but reveals the whole undealt chaos concealed under the performance.

Down with the genuineness so that the copycats can shine!

Programs, projects, plans, meetings and rules. Absolute values for controlling the middle level -?

Many regard believing as knowing, the first casual impression as the whole truth and only nonsense as delicious and easily digested.

Not yet the one who stuffs you with obvious nonsense is nuts. The one who swallows it without hesitation is.

From where does one 'draw' a conclusion? From out of a hat?

Only uniformly materialized mass experiences have a prize tag. The unprompted ones come for free.

The only right words tend to vanish into thin air the minute they have a faintest idea of getting squeezed into a column width.

An up to the punctuation marks adjusted final upshot cannot be summarized or it will be diluted back to square one.

Prank. Chiet. Official information.

picture 30, 2010

Would unemployment simply have faded away before long on its own, if it only had been left with less 'care'? Now it has survived in full condition.

With employment an extremely unstable flexibility, with unemployment an extremely stable Gulag Archipelago.

Money laundring in the welfare jungle.

In this country we have overcome two superpowers, the power struggle of churches, years of famine and epidemics, numerous wars and even the Little Ice Age, but we don't seem to overcome innovation maniacs and well trained bureaucrats.

When a paper has been signed, it's not needed any more. It already has done its task and given the credit for it and it may go.

A thought is nothing but a germ of an idea which still grows up or not.

No-one never comments on getting more weight but everyone complains immediately of losing it.

Small, sweet and sophisticated. Like running idle on a parking lot.

Essential in bowing is not bowing forward but showing behind backword.

If the active vocabulary doesn't contain a word for a specific perception, there can be no truthful perception either.

Meanings matter.

picture 31, 2010

Brain is a must. Everything else is bargainable.

If one takes a fact for a joke and a joke for a fact it makes no difference what to say. It will anyway be turned upside down.

By ordering nothing moves, by forbidding the speed but increases. Fasten the seat belts!

Sugary cement smile is nothing but a sleek façade on scheming behind it. Also the animals show their teeth only when attacking.

The chirping masses of the joyful followers cause usually the most damage. An achievement as well.

There are no security ropes, route maps and manuscripts outside the memorized comfort zone, but a number of deliberately suspicious signs of danger.

One consequence as a reason for another, one plunder to hide the previous one, head tight in the sand between the acts. An inexhaustible source of joy of a secluded, exact analyst!

Only one single, strictly outlined and isolated thing at a time in hand or uncontrolled busybodying on reserved territories guarantees impressive hurry when nothing gets done.

If only enough goals the results count all the same.

The so called long-term plan may well mean hardly the next ten minutes, but short-term often the next eighteen months.

If you don't look at the big picture the ideas go in bits and pieces too.

picture 32, 2010

In America the health care system will be polished slowly towards the Finnish kind of way, in Finland at full speed towards the American way.

First they close the schools and the libraries since population decreases. Instead a few experience centers since population increases.

Nonsense long. Life short.

What do they cut, close, reduce and economize when there's nothing to cut any more and everything already has a price tag?

In any governments the polysonous opposition stealthily turns into the unisonous proposition.

Laws tend to move in pairs: first they make a watertight law and then another one for its unexpected loopholes.

Down with the welfare state! For the sake of the welfare state.

Out of diapers into rehabilitation, old-age pension against duty.

Virtual objects, virtual stakes, virtual values, virtual approaches with virtual results.

The swelling mass index of economy with eating disorder lightens the market crowd alienated from life.

No signs of open system, worm holes or intellectual life. But they do keep searching for it only from outer space, you know.

Only discontent makes a difference.

picture 33, 2010

The text sinks only into those who don't sink in the text.

For many people questioning is just to the very last avoided unnecessary operation to only jepardize the devotedly cherished construction.

Know how is a piece of cake as long as there is no how.

The election subvention is beggary too.

Powerty is a crime but bribery and cover-up are a tradition.

Let's then forbid at the same time the whole lot of it to prevent also children from predisposing to all life once and for all.

Test-tube production for economy needs. Odourless, tasteless, colourless, voiceless.

How to prevent children from predisposing to passive stagnancy?

In fact only diversity is forbidden. The similar ones take care of it.

A client-based service means that the client is wished to be based off.

For what do we need the municipal mergers? The public services could well be shut down without them.

The municipal mergers to desolate the merged ones? Otherwise it would be illegal -

The municipal mergers are planned and resolved only by their sole beneficiaries.

picture 34, 2010

The election campaigns will only test the gullibility of the voters.

So far we have had only a few fake doctors but time after time douzens of fake members of parliament specialized in constructing smoke screens and pursuing one's own interest.

A brand used to be an intuitive impression created by a distinctive identification mark, now it too has been banalised into nothing but a uniforming list of measures.

Destruction can never be a surprise, it always arrives with the same smooth and slicky steps.

Landful of folks for pulling their legs if only the baits are suitably out for sensation.

The precise moment of perception can not be bought and prescribed.

To honour the European theme year against poverty and the jubilee year of 350 years Finnish genealogy, poverty has successfully increased and the Supreme Administrative Court put an end to the Finnish genealogy younger than 100 years.

To protest the general election result part of Finns wishes to move hotfoot out of the country. To some another similar worsefare state spectaclized by the global market economy -?

The modern state like an exchange-listed company has outsourced people to the society to cut the runners and adjust the capacity.

Only voting makes a difference. As free gift the same old rhymes.

'Sixpack' or sick's pack?

picture 35, 2011

If one settles for doing only one's best it's always worst of someone else.

The non-smokers have cooked up that all smokers are jerks. That is also Jean Sibelius, sir Winston Churchill, Sigmund Freud, Marc Twain, Oscar Wilde, Bertrand Russell, Georges Sand, John Steinbeck, Richard Strauss, Noam Chomsky, Günter Grass, Vincent Van Gogh, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Lennon, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Schweitzer, Kurt Vonnegut, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Barack Obama, Margrethe II of Denmark, Marlene Dietrich and so on?

Thin bones. The rest is fat. Muscles only on a plate.

At the end of all the municipal mergers there will be one municipality like an intensively trimmed administrative fortress, a city state with its outbacks where nothing moves, which nothing reaches.

As part of a scheme you cannot see the scheme as a scheme.

Nothing changes when only trusties have jobs.

From China's point of view USA is exotic Orient.

Unconditional like-mindedness mostly provokes only suspicion.

picture 36, 2011

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When strange features start creeping into the tap water
instant coffee

  • the new coffee bag will be emptied straight into the coffee cup
  • the new coffee bag will be emptied into a kettle
  • the new coffee bag will be emptied into the coffee jar
  • when you have succeeded in emptying the new coffee bag into where it belongs, you put a spoonful of coffee into a coffee cup and add hot water
  • you put a spoonful of coffee into a coffee cup, add the hot water and forget the cup on the kitchen table
  • you put a spoonful of coffee into a coffee cup and forget the hot water
  • you put a spoonful of coffee into a coffee cup, go somewhere for a while and forget the whole thing
  • after a while you put a spoonful of coffee into a coffee cup, add hot water and wonder why it is so strong
  • you put a spoonful of coffee into a coffee cup, add hot water and forget to drink it
  • you take the coffee cup into the kitchen and on the way you forget why
  • you put a spoonful of coffee into a coffee cup and notice that the cup was still half full of previous coffee
  • you forget to put both coffee and water into the coffee cup and keep slurping the empty cup
  • you go to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, but by oversight you wash the frying pan and then wonder what happened to the coffee
  • by now the coffee cup is already so much darkened that you forget the coffee, add hot water and wonder why it is so watery
  • you change a new clean coffee cup as long as there are any
  • when the coffee jar is empty you go shopping and forget to buy a new coffee bag
  • you go shopping again to get a new coffee bag for which you write a note, which you notice at the teller terminal and return to the coffee shelf
  • you search the empty coffee jar from kitchen table, kitchen sink, cupboard, oven and refrigerator
  • the same over again
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Universe vs. Homo sapiens

[The measures are in European units.]

If you put the hiding place under the blanket, your own room, house, home addres, job, community, country, continent, the globe, the conflicts between countries and above all the economics into another scale, they start looking quite different.

The Earth is one of 8 (13) planets in our solar system and our sun on the edge of the Milky Way is one of its about 200-400 milliard stars. The Milky Way is in a local galaxy group one of its about 30 galaxies, each of which have smaller satellite galaxies. All milliards of galaxies in their local groups belong to bigger galaxy clusters and they again to still bigger superclusters.

The galaxies contain stars and planets, pulsars, quasars, other radio sources and nebule, asteroids and comets, and in the center of each galaxy there is a supermassive black hole.

Still the space is on the average emptier than the emptiest vacuum reached on Earth in experimental circumstances and contains beside radiation, plasma, dark matter and dark energy only about 4 % to us familiar baryonic particles, protons and neutrons.

Outside our universe there may be an infinite number of other universes and our universe only one among others in this multiverse - maybe on the edge of a local group and maybe one of the smallest ones.

The journey to our sun takes about 8,3 minutes in the speed of light, to the closest other star, Proxima Centauri, about 4,3 years, to the neighbour galaxy, Andromeda, about 2,5 million years, to the closest other galaxy cluster, Virgo cluster, about 52 million years, and through the whole observable universe about 28 milliard years.

The light goes in the speed of about 300 000 km/s about 9,46 billion km in a year, which makes about 40,7 billion km to Proxima Centauri, about 23,6 trillion km to Andromeda, about 492 trillion km to the Virgo cluster and about 264 880 trillion km through the observable universe. The diameter of the Earth is about 12 800 km on the equator and the thickness of the breathable atmosphere is less than 10 km.

There are on the Earth about 1,5 million fungus species and about 5-10 million bacteria, neither of which can be classified as plants or animals. In addition there are about 1,5 million actual living organisms, of which plants about 350 000 different species, insects, mollusks, unicellular eukaryotes, worms and other invertebrates about 1,2 million species and vertebrates about 59 000 species, of which mammals about 5 500 species. One (1) of them is people, Homo sapiens.

A fruit fly, drosophila melanogaster, is about 2 mm long. On the height of a medium-sized person of about 170 cm would fit 850 fruit flies in succession. On the diameter of the observable universe would fit about 156 000 000 trillion or about 156 kvadrillion medium-sized persons of about 170 cm in succession, which is about 23 255 billion times the present population of the Earth.

The present population of the Earth would cover about 1,1 milliard km, which is in light years less than a lightning in a thunderstorm and with which we couldn't get even to the closest other star.

For a fruit fly we are not enough as a universe, for the universe we are not even worth a fruit fly.

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Ulrika Juselius, Graphics Designer

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